Does it matter if I become a Vegetarian?

Dr Einstein

It might be true that one vegetarian will not make a big difference in a world where almost everyone consumes meat. Perhaps it is also correct that one more vegetarian will not turn the tide in the vegetarian movement. However, as an individual, you can still make a small difference in the world, becoming vegetarian will make a difference for hundreds of animals.

In the USA, heart diseases are the number one cause of death. Eggs, dairy products and meat are the three top sources for bad cholesterol. Heart attacks and other circulatory diseases could be decreased if we were to stop eating these products.

Studies have shown that the average vegetarian has about a quarter of a chance of having a heart attack as the average non-vegetarian. The chance gets even lower for vegans who do not consume anything that comes from animals. The average vegan has only on tenth of the chance of a heart attack, compared to the meat eaters.

Being a vegetarian comes with much health related benefits in addition to the lowered risk of heart attacks. Vegetarians do not get nearly as much preservatives, such as those found in meat. These preservatives have shown to increase the risk of cancer. By avoiding meat and milk, you also avoid the various hormones that farmers use to increase milk production.

Along with all of these health benefits, you will also have a clear conscience, as you do not participate in the suffering conflicted to animals by humans.

The average American eats 2,700 animals in a lifetime (fish are not included). Depending on your age, you can literally save thousands of animals from a life in suffering, just by stop eating meat now.

If you go vegan and quit consuming dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese, you will reduce the suffering of battery hens and dairy cows.

It really does matter if you are a vegetarian or not. It matters to thousand of animals around the globe. It matter to you and your health and to the future generations. In addition, it matters to the environment.

If you believe that one single person cannot make a difference in the world, think of Gandhi and mother Teresa.

As Gandhi said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

Set a good example and become vegetarian today.

Janice Green-Smith

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