Should I marry a non-vegetarian?

"One may regret living at a period when it´s impossible to form an idea of the shape the world of the future will assume. But there´s one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian." – Adolf Hitler. November 11, 1941. Section 66, HITLER´S TABLE TALK

We can appreciate Hitler for above quote but please, don´t let the fact of his admirable vegetarianism distract you from the horrible truth about Hitler. There can be neither denying nor defending his monstrous crimes against humanity.

The vegetarian living is clearly a superior way to live from a health perspective and because so often our reasons for becoming a vegetarian is grounded in moral, ethical, traditional and religious values. And this is all well and good as long as you are functioning within the vegetarian community exclusively. But what if your lover is a meat eater? If the one you are in love with, or even engaged to is not a vegetarian, which can lead to some pretty delicate moments. The last thing of the vegetarian movement is about hostility. So you have to have some guidelines on how to live in peace and harmony if you finally decided to have a life partner, who has not yet joined you in your vegetarian lifestyle. Of course, one resolution is for your sweetheart to become a vegetarian with you. You could go with the argument of, "well if you loved me you would give up meat." But forcing someone to join the vegetarian community out of guilt is a terrible reason to make that change of life. Your sweetheart will just resent giving up a food he or she loves and will probably cheat and eat meat when not around you. That kind of tension, resentment and deception is no grounds for a long term love affair.

A better way is to come to terms with your differences, find ways to live with them and then see if down the road, your sweetheart might convert of his / her own free will. The first step, as is true of any conflict in an intimate relationship, is to talk about your differences openly. Sit down and talk about where each of you is on this issue. Agree to disagree. But also agree to find compromises and not to hold the other in contempt or to mock the other for the life choices he or she has made. By reaching a loving agreement, each of you can allow the other to be who he or she is and the romance can continue as the dietary dispute is resolved peacefully.

Above all, don´t look upon your sweetheart´s choice of diet with distain or disgust. Don´t make the disappointed face each time your lover has a non-veg-food etc. Come to the point that you can live with meat eaters and not feel repulsed when others eat the foods you don´t approve of. So treat each other with respect and love. Over time that approach will result in the best long term love affair and maybe even see you come to a time when he or she sees the light and joins you in the joys of vegetarianism since, it is the best way to live.

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