Authorized Filming in US Agriculture Industry

CNN covered the Jane Velez-Mitchell and Sunny Hostin debate on bills that would ban authorized filming on industrial farms in few states of America. Jane Velez-Mitchell, who is a great advocate for animals, asked the key question – “What are these people trying to hide? Of course, we know what many of these factory farms and puppy mills are trying to hide – severe abuse of animals.

They don’t want the public to see these abuses. This bid to ban undercover video is clearly a statement from the industry and from those pushing for these bills. That statement screams that they want free rein to abuse animals and we have no right to see these abuses uncovered.

As legal analyst Sunny Hostin points out, there are already protections in place, against falsely editing video or other evidence. The factory farms don’t need this ban on uncover video to protect their “rights.” What they really want is to prevent the public from seeing what is going on in the shadows – what Velez-Mitchell rightfully calls “institutionalized torture.”

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